‘Open in Action’ in Agriculture & Beyond

Each year, the International Open Access Week celebrates Open Open Access as the new default in scholarship and research. This year the celebration was held October 24-30, with the theme ‘Open in Action’.  Below there is a short overview of some initiatives focused on agriculture and related domains that took place during the last week. 

Since 2006, AIMS has actively discussed different open initiatives (information management standards, tools, resources) in agricultural domain and beyond.

AIMS is an entry point for searching such information, but also a community of practice formed by professionals who engage in a process of advocating, spreading and sustaining best practices in a shared domain of open data, open access and open science for agriculture and nutrition

From AIMS you can retrieve, for example, different informative details about the following initiatives, which are actively supporting open/free access and re-use of data/research in agricultural & related domains (just to name few):

The INTERNATIONAL OPEN ACCESS WEEK has always been about ‘Action’, and this year’s theme has encouraged once again different research communities (including those supporting agriculture) to present their OA ACTION IN PRACTICE’ from multiple perspectives, thus encouraging others to continue to invest in making their knowledge less exclusive and more public. Below are some of these ‘Actions’ - focused on agriculture and related domains - that took place shortly before/during the Open Access Week 2016

If you know of other relevant initiatives (focused on agriculture & related domains) that took place during Open Access Week 2016, please feel free to share your knowledge by adding comments and/or by writing to AIMS team!


Echoing the importance of all OA Week Initiatives as  well as OA Policies which appear in different flavors to meet different requirements, AIMS Community is looking forward to expand its collaborative advocacy activities towards opening up access to research publications and data, and to build new collaborations with all interested to promote open sharing of agricultural knowledge & standards.


Some links related to 'Open' theme: 




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