“agINFRA Knowledge Fair”: Presentation of agINFRA in the 4th Research Data Alliance (RDA) plenary meeting in Amsterdam

agINFRA presented its main outcomes in a showcasing event, the agINFRA Knowledge Fair, in the 4th Research Data Alliance (RDA) plenary meeting that took place from the 22th of September until the 24th of September 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The RDA fosters the exchange of scientific data through the establishment of focused working groups and seeks to overcome the fragmentation of the global research data landscape. Thus it delivers an ideal background for the presentation of the agINFRA outcomes.

The agINFRA Knowledge Fair was opened during the meeting of the RDA Agriculture Data Interest Group by Valeria Pesce (GFAR/FAO) who gave an introduction to the project and to the work carried out on Linked Data. One of the main outcomes of agINFRA is a linked data vocabulary layer that can be re-used and extended.  Furthermore agINFRA created two new linked data stores of germplasm data and soil data. Several tools like VocBench, the Allelograph, neologism or D2RQ have been used during the project.

Giovanni L’Abate (CRA) and Luca Matteis put a closer focus on the work carried out the on soil data owned by the Italian Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura (CRA) and germplasm linked data. A step-by-step approach for the setting up of specific linked data repositories was provided as well. Furthermore Guojian Xian (CAAS) showcased the efforts taken to integrate the chinese germplasm data to agINFRA. The Knowledge Fair was completed by Benjammin Cave who presented the Open AGRIgate campaign that aims at the provision of open access for agricultural data. 

The audience showed high interest in the project. One important result of the showcasing event was that the COAR consortium expressed its interest in building on the agINFRA LOD vocabularies layer for the COAR controlled vocabulary.

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