18 April 2018 : Join Webinar: Best practice in governance of data for research: Licensing and Accessing (UK Data Service)


UK Data Service




The webinar will be recorded and made available.


1. Introduce best practices surrounding licensing and governance models for providing research access to data assets;

2. Address a variety of data sources from data from academic, public and civil society bodies, and also consider the challenges of providing access to bigger data sources, such as social media data and data from commercial organisations;

3. Showcase the approach used by the UK Data Service utilising our robust Data Access Policy and Five Safes framework, which enable a data publisher to provide access to licensed data holdings, be it open data or data that requires controlled access.

Run by experienced data practitioners, the focus in on practical and efficient ways to get data assets for research through the pipeline from data creator to user.  
A walk-through of actual protocols used by data brokers and data owners will be provided.

The good philosophy is to make data open where possible and closed where necessary, using a plan for optimising fair data access that meets relevant ethical and legal restrictions.  


·         How to license data and under what conditions

·         How to set up an end user agreement and what conditions can be applied

·         How to set up an application and approval process for data request

·         How to provide an audit trail that offers accountability and transparency in the access and vetting process

Participants are encouraged to come ready prepared with a data collection in mind so that the experience of the webinar can be applied and relevant questions asked at the end of the presentations

Source: UK Data Service


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