AgriProfiles : Global Networking for Agriculture through metadata and standard vocabularies

AgriProfiles is a search portal giving access to profiles of experts and organizations in the field of agriculture, bridging across separately hosted directories and online communities.


AgriProfiles portal - formerly AgriVIVO (launched in 2013) - is led by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), in collaboration with Cornell University and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN.

AgriProfiles is also envisioned as a worldwide effort, expressed in regional, national and institutional collaboration to share professional profiles in an open data environment for agriculture and food security. The InterAmerican Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) is leading these efforts. IICA is also enabling a network of VIVO installations in Latin America and a regional VIVO called AgriPerfiles.

The VIVO project (started in 2003) aims to enable collaboration among scientists across all disciplines at Cornell University. VIVO open source semantic web application allows to browse information on people, departments, courses, grants, and publications following an ontology-based navigation.

VIVO Ontology:

In 2012 Cornell University, the GFAR and the FAO of the UN launched an adaptation of the VIVO model for agricultural research and related sectors, funded through GFAR, called AgriVIVO.

 # AgriVIVO is designed to make data open and accessible, opening new possibilities to leverage content.

 # AgriVIVO Searchlight is a small application that shows profiles related to the webpage.

Up to date, AgriProfiles search portal provides access to:

  • People (searched by: expertise – location – organization – source)
  • Organizations (searched by: type – location – source)

active in agri-food and related sectors.

You can also access AgriProfiles Data providers / Hubs (thematic, geographic or institutional)  managing (registered and maintained) profiles of people and/or organizations and contributing data to the global AgriProfiles.











To the extent copyrightable, the information presented on the AgriProfiles website is available as Resource Description Framework (RDF) data from the AgriProfiles VIVO store and intended for public use and is freely distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 license which allows you to copy, distribute, display and make derivatives of this information provided you give credit to AgriProfiles.

AgriProfiles uses a subset of the VIVO-ISF ontology (an OWL2 representation of the VIVO-ISF Data Standard).

ISF ontology leverages many ontologies in a unified, semantic structure, among which:

Geopolitical ontology.owl *(from the FAO of the UN)

eagle-i Resource Ontology (ERO)

Basic Formal Ontology (BFO)

Bibliographic Ontology (BIBO)*

Cell Ontology (CL)


Event Ontology

Friend of a Friend (FOAF) *

Gene Ontology (GO)

SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) *

vCard  ontology *





(* used also in AgriProfiles).

In its simplified model,  AgriProfiles uses additionally a local ontology for new properties.  

VIVO-ISF metadata elements:

The main URI of a person

is the URI of a resource of type foaf:Person

Contact information

is stored in a resource of type vCard:Individual

The relation between the two resources

is a foo property in the OBO domain: obo:ARG_2000028

The relation of a person with an organization

is through an intermediary entity vivo;Position, which relates with both the foaf:Person and the foaf:Organization, defining the job position in the organization.

The default position when no otherwise specified by the person is “Affiliate”.

Getting data from AgriProfiles

1. RSS

You can get very basic metadata about people and organizations in AgriProfiles parsing the Dublin-Core based RSS feeds at:

2. RDF

You can get a list of all URIs of resources of a specific type from the /listrdf API of AgriProfiles:


Become AgriProfiles Data Provider or be included in the AgriProfiles portal!

If you manage data about people, organizations and projects in agriculture and you want to contribute these data to AgriProfiles, contact AgriProfiles Team.


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