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    ODS webinar on Metatadata for Learning Resources

    The Open Discovery Space (ODS) project offers a series of free webinars on different topics related to the adoption of Open Educational Resources. In this context, the ODS project consortium...

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    AGRIS RDF model revised : order of authors corrected

    On the 25th of August, a new release of the AGRIS Web portal was launched with new features and was explained here. Following this, the AGRIS RDF model was revised to maintain the order of authors....

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    Beyond the Box Digitization Competition

    The Beyond the Box Digitization Competition will award $1 million to the person or team who creates a technology that increases the speed and accuracy of digitization of a drawer of insect...

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    The European Ontology Network (EUON)

    The European Ontology Network (EUON) is a network of experts in ontologies as well as other types of semantics such as terminologies, vocabularies and schemas. The network is base in Europe and is...

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    New AGRIS online

    On August 25th, a new release of the AGRIS Web portal (http://agris.fao.org) was launched. It contains many new features and some optimizations of functionalities that were already available. In...

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    Fedora 4 Training Events in October

    In response to community requests for more Fedora 4.0 training opportunities, the Fedora Project is pleased to announce that four separate face-to-face sessions in four locations have been...

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    Phase One of GACS approved– Read the reports!

    The Steering Group of the GACS (Global Agricultural Concept Scheme) project has approved the final results of Phase One.Version 1.0 of the Status Quo and Integration Proposal reports are now...

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    New edition of CAB Thesaurus published

    The 2014 edition of the CAB Thesaurus, which covers agriculture, life sciences, human health, and related subjects, was published on 21st July 2014. The web site at http://www.cabi.org/cabthesaurus...