Are the FAIR Data Principles Fair? Webinar recording is now available online


How can libraries help their research communities implement the FAIR principles? And write better data management plans (DMPs)?  The adoption of FAIR principles within the H2020 funding programme means researchers now have to pay much more attention to how their share, publish and archive their data.


Recently, Europe's main association of research libraries LIBER held a Webinar on this topic, with Alastair Dunning (Head Research Data Services at the TU Delftas the guest speaker. 

A recording of the webinar is now available HERE


Here is the information about the past webinar: 

The past LIBER webinar - organised by LIBER’s Working Group on Scientific Information Infrastructures - contained some guidance and reflections on the FAIR principles themselves and data management plans (DMPs).

The webinar was based on a study of 37 data repositories (from subject specific repositories, to generic data archives, to national infrastructures), seeing how:

  • far they comply with each of the individual facets of the data principles,
  • the principles can be interpreted, which of the principles are easy to implement, and which are more tricky. 


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