Attention Data Owners: GODAN seeks new datasets to open in Project 8 ahead of Summit

Does your organization produce data that is of value to those working to achieve a food secure future?  If so, GODAN and Project 8 invite you to make this data available in the Project 8 platform ahead of Summit 2016. 

What is Project 8?

Project 8 is a professional social network built around data.  On one platform, users contribute, find, visualize and discuss data with one another.  Together, the community is working to increase the visibility and utility of existing data, identify data gaps and discuss new sources of information. The prototype is currently supporting users across global organizations collaborating around hundreds of millions of rows of data.  It is focused first on supporting Sustainable Development Goal #2, ending hunger, but will eventually span across human needs.

What are we seeking?

We are seeking timely datasets on the topics of food security, agriculture or nutrition that are currently challenging to access or inaccessible to the broader research community. 

What is the impact?

Datasets contributed to Project 8 accelerate the progress of those working to achieve a food secure future.  Organizations contributing data will be given beta credentials to Project 8 which include access to our data, network, visualization tools and support team.  High impact datasets will be highlighted at GODAN Summit 2016 and in other events and materials, with potential speaking opportunities for the contributing organization.

How do I get involved?

To get started, please complete this short form and include the tag “Data via GODAN” in the Referred By section.  Questions can be directed to[email protected] and more information on Project 8 can be found here.

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