FOSTER Plus : Call to Open Science trainers

One of the goals of the FOSTER Plus project - launched on the 22nd of May, 2017 - is to train researchers (and other stakeholders) to give training on Open Science. As part of this goal, FOSTER plus will develop a trainer hand book. If you are interested in contributing, please do not hesitate to fill in this google form !

Over the next two years FOSTER Plus will build upon its initial capacity building activities to raise awareness of Open Science among European researchers and begin to equip them to apply Open Science techniques in their day to day research.

In particular, FOSTER Plus will work closely with representatives of three key disciplines: (1) the life sciences, (2) social sciences and (3) the arts and humanities to:

What works, what doesn’t? How can you make the most of limited resources? With Your help ...

FOSTER Plus will create a handbook that equips future trainers with methods, instructions, exemplary training outlines and inspiration for their own Open Science trainings.

The handbook will provide Open Science advocates across the globe with practical know-how to deliver Open Science principles to researchers and support staff.

The handbook will be written collaborativley in a book sprint, meaning to create a finished book in a four days workshop in March 2018.

So, if you would like to share your experiences and are motivated to be part of FOSTER Plus team writing a handbook in just a few days, please apply here.

The call for expressions of interests will be open until Sunday, 1 October 2017. You will hear from FOSTER Plus by late October 2017.

If you have any questions or need clarifications, please contact Helene Brinken, University of Göttingen, State and University Library, [email protected].

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