Free eLearning course on participatory visual methods for engagement with health

A new free online course for community engagement practitioners in low and middle-income countries is now live on The Global Health Network. It was produced as part of the Mesh Community Engagement Network learning and training resources.

The Practice and Ethics of Participatory Visual Methods for Community Engagement in Public Health and Health Science

Photo by Pexels licensed under CC0 License

The course has been developed for use by engagement practitioners who are relatively new to the field of PVM and want to learn more about what they are and how to work with them. It is most fitting for those who already have some experience in facilitating participatory processes or in using qualitative research methods. The course also aims to support health science researchers who wish to include visual methods when engaging local communities and wider publics in their work.

The course does not explore the theory behind PVM or provide an in-depth review of the literature. For each method that is described the pioneering work in the field is cited, along with other suggested reading, should you wish to learn more.

The course was compiled by Gill Black (Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation) and Mary Chambers (Oxford University Clinical Research Unit).

To register to the course, visit here.

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