Global Online Access to Legal Information (GOALI) - New Research4Life Programme

At the recent General Partner Meeting (AGM) held in Oxford in July 2017, Global Online Access to Legal Information or in short “GOALI” - a New Legal Training Resource for Developing Countries, was officially approved as the new 5th programme to be launched in February 2018 as the newest member of the Research4Life programme. 

Research4Life (R4L) is delighted that the Partnership has expressed its confidence in GOALI and sees the added value this programme can bring to the partnership. 

The objective of GOALI is to provide free or very low cost online access to legal information and academic research to governments, universities and non-profit institutions in developing countries to promote access to justice and the rule of law.

GOALI is unique in that it focuses primarily on legal information

and through its objectives aims at increasing access to justice and promotes the rule of law in developing countries. This tallies in with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as formulated in the 2030 Vision Development Framework and Agenda.

With the establishment of GOALI,  R4L is happy to officially welcome the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva as a UN entity which has fully committed to the programme, as well as the new academic partners: Cornell Law School Library and the Lillian Goldman Law Library at Yale University

GOALI will enable R4L to reach out and include additional partners

such as legal publishers, UN entities and development stakeholders who previously may not have considered joining Research4Life.

For R4L existing partners (including Partners in AGORA with contributing Publishersthis provides an opportunity to add additional resources in law and legal information in addition to any which may not have been highlighted as such in any of the current programmes. 

R4L would like to extend its invitation to you to include R4L resources for GOALI in this years’ update for the resources you commit to R4L.

To help you with the selection and commitment, see (below*) an overview of the areas R4L is looking at.

Your selection can be added to your response to the separate email that you will receive within the next month from R4L asking you to confirm your R4L (HINARI - AGORA OARE ARDI - GOALI) content for 2018.

The timeline is to have the programme in place for launch on 20 February 2018, which is World Social Justice Day, so resources which will be available in 2018 can already be included.

More background information on the new programme and its goals can be found HERE.

GOALI Team looks forward to working with you on this new and exciting R4Li programme !

Should you have any questions about GOALI or which resources to include in which areas, feel free to contact either of the people listed below.

* GOALI Subject Heading & Classification:

Subject heading LC Classification
Administrative Law K3400
Aeronautics Law K4095
Commercial Law K1005
Communications Law K4240
Comparative Law K
Conflict and Security Law / War KZ6385
Conflict of Laws (Private International Law) K7040
Constitutional Law K3165
Criminal Law K5015.4
Criminal Procedure K5401
Energy Law K3981
Environmental Law K3585
Family Law K670
Health Law K3570
Canon Law KBR
Human Rights K3240
Humanitarian Law KZ6471
Immigration Law / Asylum Law K3275
Indigenous Rights K3247
Intellectual Property K1401
International Law (Public) KZ
International Trade and Investment K3943
Internet Law K564.C6
Islamic Law KBM
Jewish Law KBP
Labor Law / Social Rights K1705
Law - Africa KQ - KWZ
Law - Canada KE
Law - Eurasia KLA - KLW
Law - Europe KJ - KKZ
Law - History K150
Law - Latin America / South America KG / KH
Law - Middle East, Southwest Asia KM
Law of the Sea KZA1145
Law - Philosophy / Justice K230
Law - South, Southeast, East Asia KN, KP
Law - UK and Ireland KD - KDK
Law - United States KF
Maritime Law K1150
Religious law and legislation KB
Space Law KZD


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