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... is a community-led, bottom-up and self-governed initiative which aims at fostering the coherent development of the global Internet of FAIR Data & Services (IFDS), with the main focus on early developments in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). To this end, the GO FAIR Initiative will contribute to and coordinate its efforts through community-led initiatives in different activity streams:

  1. Ensure optimal coordination among existing initiatives that target the development and implementation of components of the IFDS.
  2. Advocate for and support choices compliant with the FAIR principles for scientific data management and stewardship. These principles refer to three types of entities: data (or any digital object), metadata (information about that digital object), and infrastructure.
  3. Focus on early developments in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) with a global perspective.
  4. Support for the creation and running of GO FAIR Implementation Networks. 


GO FAIR Implementation Networks (INs) is the core of GO FAIR and a federation of active, preparatory and interested topical networks of excellence that collectively commit to the FAIR principles in terms of standards, protocols, and best practices.  

The GO FAIR implementation approach is based on three interactive processes

  • GO BUILDbuilding the technical infrastructure; 
  • GO CHANGE: a change programme involving relevant stakeholders; 
  • GO TRAIN: training the data stewards capable of providing FAIR data services 

Image source: GO FAIR Introduction & Meeting objectives. International GO FAIR Implementation Networks meeting, 15/16 January 2019

GO FAIR’s Implementation Networks have been established or are under development with resonance not only in Europe but also in other regions like the United States, Australia, Latin America, and Africa. Country wishing to join GO FAIR is expected to acknowledge and support the principles that form the basis for the GO FAIR initiative. 

To date, France, Germany and the Netherlands have established an internationally operating office to support and coordinate the establishment of a series of Implementation Networks in European Member States and beyond.

To get involved, just get in touch with the GO FAIR team at the International Support and Coordination Office will be happy to help. Persons, institutions and organisations who wish to get engaged in GO FAIR INs can join in three steps:

  • Fill in the application form on the GO FAIR website;
  • Sign the GO FAIR Rules of Engagement and Select a consortium coordinator
    Create a manifesto outlining objectives, strategy and partners 

>> An overview of current GO FAIR Implementation Networks  


Image source: Flash Presentations - Implementation Networks. International GO FAIR Implementation Networks meeting, 15/16 January 2019

Main goals to be achieved by the FOOD SYSTEMS IMPLEMENTATION NETWORK through GO FAIR (in 2019 and beyond) are the following: 

  • Support adoption of principles for semantic interoperability (derived from the RDA IGAD Agrisemantics WG and GODAN WGs) in the various projects and actions members of the IN are involved in;
  • Clearly establish the value of semantic approaches to agri-food data and services;
  • FAIRification through a set of publicly-available use cases, and common communication resources;
  • Create and maintain a Food Systems Collection in FAIRsharing;
  • Continue the development and adoption of a Global Agricultural Concept Space (GACS) as a pre-competitive resource in which each agri-food concept receives a unique and persistent identifier;
  • Share expertise in practical implementations and applications of semantic interoperability while learning from other IN's proposing or investigating semantic solutions (ontologies, linked data, alignments, etc.) to address data discoverability and interoperability, in combination with practical/research applications.

>> Check GO FAIR Food Systems IN-manifesto here

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