Open Data Day 2018

Open Data Day (ODD; #OpenDataDay) is an annual celebration of open data all over the world.  Groups from around the world keep creating local events on the day where they use Open Data in their communities. As always, during ODD we expect to gain momentum and highlight the different uses that Open Data can have in different contexts.

The ODD 2018 was an opportunity to show the benefits of Open Data and encourage the adoption of Open Data policies in government, business and civil society. Check out also the Lookback on Open Data Day 2017.

All outputs are/will be open for everyone to use and re-use.

"First of all, we were happy to see that this year a total of 406 events were registered on our world map! This is almost 100 more events registered in the map than last year. We have noticed growth mostly in the global south, specifically in African and Latin American countries.

45 events received funding through the Open Data Day mini-grants funding provided by SPARC, the Open Contracting Program of HivosMapbox,the Hewlett Foundation and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom. This year, the focus was on four key areas that we think open data can help solve: Follow Public Money Flows, Open Research Data, Open Mapping, and Equal Development. Based on the information provided by the groups that requested a mini-grant, most of them were organizing an Open Data Day event for the first time", -

Open Data Day 2018: this year’s celebration of a growing community


Stay tuned by future news on the Open Data Day website.

The focus of Open Data Day 2018 was focused on four key themes:

1. Open science & Open research data

2. Tracking public money flows & open contracting

3. Open mapping

4. Open data for equal development

Up to 160 events were added to the map at (Read on more) 

Just to name a few EVENTS during International Open Data Day 2018

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