Open Data Science Conference

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Open Data Science Conference (ODSC)  brings together the global data science community to help foster the exchange of innovative ideas and encourage the growth of open source software.


  • Are you a data enthusiast?
  • Do you want to accelerate your knowledge about open source with the latest topics, tools, and trends presented by the best practitioners in the field?
  • Do you want to gain in-demand skills to enhance your data science career or simply become a better data scientist?

Then, all you need is knowledge! Data science and open source is what pave the road to that knowledge and the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC).

  Data science and open source are a part of the open revolution.

 With open source it is not necessary to run costly software to work with data.  There are plenty of free open tools and languages that you can employ. 

 The impact of open source software on the data science revolution.

The ODSC brings together the most influential practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in the data science and open source fields in an effort to encourage the development and use of open source in data science.

Therefore the ODSC is essential for anyone who wants to connect to the data science community and contribute to the open source applications they use every day. Currently the ODSC connects  4,500 + fellow data scientists, presenters, innovators, practitioners, and influencers.

Partnering With ODSC

In 2016, ODSC welcomed nearly 12,000 attendees in an unparalleled range of events from its large conferences, to hackathons and small community gatherings.

ODSC Meetups

Join ODSC community and connect with fellow data scientists.

By entering the ODSC networking you will be able to:

  • attend multiple networking events (ODSC: EAST - WESTEUROPE - ASIA) including 70+ talks, 27 workshops, and 20 training sessions all under one roof;

If you'd like to volunteer at one of ODSC events, ODSC can guarantee a rewarding experience.  Email ODSC at: [email protected]

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