"Open Research Data on the Horizon … and beyond" RDA Europe Workshop prior to the RDA Plenary in Washington

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) Europe is organising a preparatory workshop to the 2nd RDA Plenary meeting in Washington, USA. The preparatory meeting has the theme 'Open Research Data on the Horizon...and beyond' will be held on the 10th of September,in Munich.The goal of this workshop is to discuss European aspects of global research data sharing and exchange as well as inject new ideas and European achievements to be presented and represented during the RDA 2nd Plenary meeting.

Brief background

RDA had a very successful first plenary in Gothenburg. In the meantime things have evolved very rapidly confirming the strategic relevance of global research data e-infrastructures supporting modern research and innovation. The second plenary in Washington, on 16-18 September 2013 at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, will be a key opportunity to involve communities and to put them in the lead of RDA

Preliminary Agenda available here

More information and registration details available at https://europe.rd-alliance.org/Content/Events.aspx?id=145

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