The OPEN SCIENCE Training Handbook is now open for YOUR comments

The Open Science Training Handbook is now open for comments and suggestions until 4th of March 2018.

The authors produced an open knowledge and educational resource oriented to practical teaching. The focus of the new handbook is not spreading the ideas of Open Science, but how to spread the idea of Open Science most effectively. The form of a book sprint as a collaborative writing process maximised creativity and innovation, and ensured the production of a valuable resource in just a few days.

Bringing together methods, techniques, and practices, the handbook aims at supporting educators of Open Science. The result is intended as a helpful guide on how to forward knowledge on Open Science principles to our networks, institutions, colleagues, and students. It will instruct and inspire trainers how to create high quality and engaging trainings. Addressing challenges and giving solutions, it will strengthen the community of Open Science trainers who are educating, informing, and inspiring themselves.

PLEASE ACCESS HERE the Open Science Training Handbook and contribute with your comments and suggestions 


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