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PPgis.net is an open discussion forum that facilitates the exchange of information about geospatial information technologies (GIT) used in crisis management, participatory development, sustainable natural resource management and customary property rights in developing countries and among indigenous peoples worldwide.


The term Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) was coined at the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) Workshop, 1996, to cover a specific geographical context (North America), and for a particular purpose – how geographical information systems (GIS) could support public participation for variety of possible applications.

PPgis.net online platforms (for English-, French- Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking practitioners) serve as global avenues to discuss issues, share experiences and good practices related to GIS - participatory mapping, PPGIS, Participatory GIS (PGIS), and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI).

In building a community of practice (CoP) around the concepts of PPGIS/PGIS the PPGIS/PGIS DGroup aims at stimulating exchange of information on progress made in bringing the power of geospatial information management systems at community level. Members of this DGroup are able to share (according to codes of ethics) their ideas, post questions and answers, showcase their practices or discuss topics related to the practices of participatory mapping and communication.

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 The forum is moderated by development practitioners and researchers with worldwide experience in a number of relevant disciplines.

 Members of the PPgis online forums  include development practitioners, activists, researchers, students, and staff from international organisations, NGOs and government agencies.

The PPgis.net platform incorporates videos (in English- Spanish  -  FrenchPortuguese) about the focused themes and also provides links to a variety of free tools and resources, such as:

The links below point to resources which are developed and maintained by the author of the PPgis.net:

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