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The Pre-Research Data Alliance (RDA) Symposium : "The critical role of university Research Data Management infrastructure in transforming data to knowledge" - - as a precursor event to the RDA plenary meeting in Berlin, 21.-23. March 2018 - - will take place on 19.-20. March 2018, in Göttingen. 

A call for abstracts and other contributions will be released shortly on Göttingen eResearch Alliance website

All over the world universities and libraries have started the task of developing research data management (RDM) services. Ideally such initiatives aim to result in a complete service portfolio covering the entire research lifecycle:

  • Developments of repository infrastructures for the storage of data.

- - - See, for example, EUDAT: Research data infrastructure and European Open Science Cloud vision.

- - - See, for example, DSpace-GLAM based on DSpace-CRIS : Manage, Analyze & Preserve your digital heritage

  • Lecturing in data management.

- - - See, for example, the European Data Portal e-learning programme,
the 10 marine Research Data Things: a Free self-paced Learning Program

This broad scope means that such services are often seen as requiring a joint effort from university, library, IT center, faculties and other stakeholders.

Currently nowhere in the world such a complete support scenario has been established.

It is timely for actors in the various dimensions of such initiatives internationally to share their experiences, research and insights.

This Symposium will explore the topic and hear research and practice papers and lightening talks from organisations that have started to offer such services in whole or in part on their campus. The symposium will provide a forum for universities and libraries to share their experience and to learn from each other.

Source: Göttingen eResearch Alliance



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