Send Your 'DATA FIRSTS' : IASSIST 2019 Call for proposals "Data Down Under: Exploring DATA FIRSTS”

The 45th annual conference of the International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology (IASSIST) will be held in Sydney, Australia from May 27 to 31, 2019.

Submitting Proposals - DEADLINE: November 1, 2018


IASSIST Fellows Program supports data professionals from underrepresented regions and countries with emerging economies. IASSIST Early Professional Fellows Program helps early career data professionals recognizing the value of innovative ideas. Applications can be made at and will close December 23, 2018.
Address questions about the Fellows Programs to Florio Arguillas ([email protected]).

This IASSIST conference is about a lot of “firsts.” This is the first time the IASSIST conference has been hosted in the Southern Hemisphere, and it’s the first to be held in Winter since the very first one in February 1977.

Why not share with your “firsts”? What new and novel projects are you working on? What worked or didn’t work on your first attempt, and what have you learned from that experience? However,

There are a lot of ways to explore “DATA FIRSTS”

As data professionals, we also put data first; however, in today’s climate, where increasing amounts of misinformation are being widely spread via the internet and social media without facts and data to back it up, not everyone shares our values. So how can we educate and advocate to bring “data first” back into the minds of our students, researchers, funders, etc.? How do we share our love of data and its importance as a valuable asset to a library collection or archive?
The IASSIST conference committee welcomes submissions that share ways in which your community is putting “data first” and experiencing “firsts”.

Some examples could be your experiences in: 

Addressing issues around DATA POLICIES, PRIVACY, and ETHICS

Advocating the importance of ARCHIVING and PRESERVING DATA in a climate of misinformation

Analysing and visualizing DATA in new and novel ways to gain ORIGINAL INSIGHTS into data

DATA as numbers, pictures, words, and sounds

Exploring DATA across subject areas and geographic regions

Partnering with researchers and DATA producers to enhance SHARING, REPRODUCIBILITY and LONG TERM ACCESS

Promoting DATA as VALUABLE ASSETS to a library or archive collection

Strategic collaborations to put DATA FIRST

Teaching DATA LITERACY SKILLS, emphasizing the value of a solid foundation, where facts and data support an argument

Please share how you are putting “data first” from all perspectives, from theory to application and what tools you used to get there. Suggestions on how attendees can take these ideas back and integrate them into their own practice are encouraged.  So please send your “data firsts”!

Submitting Proposals - DEADLINE: November 1, 2018
Submissions for papers, presentations, panels, posters, and lightning talks are welcome.

The Call for Presentations, along with the link to the submission form, is on the conference website:
Questions about presentation submissions may be sent to the Program Co-Chairs (Bobray Bordelon, Ashley Jester, and Kelly Schultz) at [email protected].
Submissions for Pre-conference Workshops are also welcome.

The Call for Workshops, along with the link to the submission form, is at:  
Questions about workshop submissions may be sent to the Workshop Coordinators, Eimmy Solis and Stephanie Labou, at [email protected].

Deadline for ALL submissions: November 1, 2018
Notification of acceptance: Mid-December 2018

Conference website:
Conference hashtag: #iassist19

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And, thanks again for your interest ! 

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