Towards Open Educational Resources (openly licensed & in open formats)

In May 2018, a Working Group on Open Education Resources within the Ministry of Education of Brazil (MECpublished an ordinance that determines that all educational resources paid for by the ministry - which are to be used in basic education - must be openly licensed and use open format/standards whenever possible. 

Open Educational Resources will be made available in this Open-source repository:  Plataforma MEC de Recursos Educacionais Digitais

There has been a recent movement towards the use of open licenses in significant MEC programs. This includes the pioneering use of open licenses for all educational resources produced through the Open University of Brazil program; the mandatory use of an open license for all educational material in a nationwide robotics for education purchase and the use of an open license (for some resources) in the nationwide textbook purchase program.
Source: Ministry of education publishes OER ordinance, Iniciativa Educacao Aberta, 16 May 2018

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