Upcoming Webinar : Browsing AGORA : reaching out with research to Low-Income Countries


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The AIMS team is happy to announce the upcoming webinar dedicated to the AGORA programme which is one of the four Research4Life (R4L) programmes facilitated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


AGORA’s main purpose is to improve the quality and effectiveness of agricultural research, education and training in low- and middle-income countries.  

AGORA/Reserarch4Life provides free or low cost access to peer-reviewed journals (to date, 9,000), datasets and e- books (to date, 23,000) in agriculture and related biological, environmental, social and other research domains.

Considering that AGORA programme is complementary to open access initiative, AGORA platform includes many full-text materials that can be browsed and download from AGORA platform (also using: Summon and Scopus).

The upcoming webinar will present AGORA's searching/browsing (by subjects/ thematic search, language, publishers) functionalities enhancing the visibility, accessibility and usability of research outputs in the agricultural and related domains.

Visit AIMS platform and stay tuned for date/time and registration link for the Webinar as soon as it is confirmed.


In case you missed the past ASIRA online course webinars, you can still take the most out of them as the material  [email protected] is available HERE (including [email protected]: AGORA

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