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    Muthu Madhan wins the 2013 EPT Award

    The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development (EPT) has co-awarded the 2013 EPT award for individuals in developing countries working for Open Access to Muthu Madhan of the...

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    "iMarine Data Platform for Collaborations" Workshop

    On 7th March 2014, iMarine is organizing the interactive workshop iMarine data platform for collaborations. The objective is to showcase "a set of practical solutions, demonstrating how the...

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    EUDAT Calls for Collaboration Projects

    EUDAT is inviting research communities, research projects and individual researchers to make use of its data services that are available at a European scale and is offering free resources and...

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    Descriptors for Quinoa and wild relatives

    2013 was the International Year of Quinoa, an ancient crop that has been cultivated for centuries in the Andean region and is considered a healthy food due to its high nutritional value. In this...

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    Google Scholar and DSpace

    Nearly all repository managers aim to offer a discovery and access interface for scientific research. In a recent study, @tmire examined the indexing of repositories by Google Scholar. The use of...