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    World Bank notes from 12/03/2012 meeting

    We looked over the issues in the ingestion of WB bibliographic records and came to the conclusion that we had best ask them a few more questions before proceeding. Stefano can send these questions...

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    Focus on the ''OA Repository at ICRISAT''

    When one logs on to the homepage of OA@ICRISAT, one might not readily realize its a repository homepage, the design is very impressive and warmly welcoming. OA@ICRISAT is built on E-Prints 3...

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    Using ScribeFire to post to AIMS

    Scribefire is a wonderful plugin for Chrome and Firefox to easy  post to multiple blogs.  I am just trying out if this works with AIMSI just posted it and it seems that i went through...

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    Information Technology Issues in developing countries

    Efforts by developing countries to come up with local Information Technology (IT) solutions to counteract the challenges they face are well documented in the newsletter entitled, “Information...

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    From Stefano: ...

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    General Planning Material

    I will put all the general planning material for this PWB at