"Improving Semantics in Agriculture" Workshop Update

The "Improving Semantics in Agriculture" workshop went in full swing today at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN's HQ in Rome, Italy. Participants were asked to fill in a pre-conference survey and the collective answers were reviewed before the start of the presentations. Key presentations and discussions went on well during the first day.

About the workshop

Massive amount of data, in many languages, is being produced in agriculture and related disciplines. The advantage of having large amounts of data is now largely recognized, but it goes hand-in-hand with the need to "understanding" it - to understand what it is about and how it relates to other pieces of data. For example, what are the local varieties of a crop, more resistant to climate change than the commercial ones? What information is available about them and their cultural and environmental conditions? Would we be able to find them across the different names used in their region of distribution? And, can we enable small institutions as well as the big ones to publish and organize their data so as to be compatible and integrated with the data produced by other entities? Semantics is the mechanism that allow us to address problems like these.

Semantics is the mechanism that allows us to address problems like these.The goal of this workshop is then to draw a roadmap for the future of information management and sharing in agriculture based on shared semantics

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