Interconnecting the List of the World's Open Data Portals

Tuesday, March 8th

12:00 p.m., New York City

9:00 a.m. San Francisco
5:00 p.m. London

Nicolas Terpolilli
Chief Data Officer, OpenDataSoft
Rémi Mercier
Marketing Project Manager, OpenDataSoft 


You talked about it, you tweeted about it, and you told us where to fix it; the List of over 1,600 Open Data portals around the world is back, and ready to enter its next chapter!

On Tuesday, March 8, join OpenDataSoft for the launch of the next phase of this project. Dubbed 'Open Data Inception', the project's next evolution seeks to create a standardized model of metadata for data portals, making them and their datasets easier to discover than ever before. 

This new model of metadata cannot be implemented without the participation of the global Open Data community. This webinar will thus be the opportunity to not only comment on and share ideas about Open Data Inception's new evolution, but to also learn how you can take part in the indexing schema of tomorrow. We hope you will join us! 

On the Agenda:

  • The different phases of the Open Data Inception project
  • The technical steps taken for implementing and spreading a standardized model of metadata

Discuss and co-create the indexing schema of tomorrow

Peter CampoBasso - [email protected]

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