International Conference on Knowledge Transfer (ICKT'15)

ICKT’15 is an International Conference focussing on knowledge transfer particularly on Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Exchange. This conference will be held in Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia on 1st - 3rd December 2015.

ICKT’15 aims to promote collaboration knowledge transfer among academics, researchers, industry or community representatives, enterprises, governmental bodies and non-governmental organisations for sharing and exchanging experiences.

Featuring world- speakers, oral and poster presentation sessions, the ICKT’15 will provide an excellent opportunity to disseminate, share and discuss the impact of university-community and university-industry collaboration on knowledge transfer. Applicable themes include (but are not limited to):-

  • Process of knowledge transfer, knowledge origination, knowledge exchange and knowledge sharing
  • Human and organizational aspects of knowledge management
  • Incubators and entrepreneurship schemes
  • Collaborative applied research and consultancy
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership
  • All other aspects of university-business and university-industry collaborative programme
  • Case studies of successful knowledge transfer projects
  • Examples of best practice in respect of knowledge transfer from practitioners
  • Innovative knowledge transfer mechanisms
  • The outcomes and results of knowledge transfer projects
  • Management of knowledge transfer
  • Development of knowledge transfer policy

Practitioner’s contributions and product demonstrations based on the main themes are also invited.

ICKT’15 is organised by Knowledge Transfer Office in partnership with Program Management Office, Ministry of Education, Malaysia and the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister Department, Malaysia. It follows successful events in the national series of conferences held since 2013. 

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