Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing

Eleventh Annual Conference -- Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing

Themes for the conferences have always been some aspect of scholarly/scientific publishing and communication, overwhelmingly with Open Access (OA) as an important aspect, but Open Access in itself has not been the only theme. Some of the themes for the conferences have been Entering the Next Stage (2013), New Trends in Scholarly Publishing (2012), Enhancing publications (2011), Open Access: The Competative Advantage (2010), Time to review the peer review? (2009) and Money Talks: New institutional policies in scholarly publishing (2008). The conference have had keynotes like John Willinsky professor at the Stanford University; founder of The Public Knowledge Project (PKP), Jean-François Dechamp from the European Commission, Eelco Ferwerda, director of the OAPEN Foundation, David Prosser, director of Research Libraries UK, Martin Rasmussen, director of Copernicus Publications, Cameron Neylon, advocacy director at PLOS, Damian Pattinson, executive editor of PLOS ONE and many more.

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