New AGRIS online service desk

The AGRIS partners would like to announce the launch of a new online service desk powered by Agro-Know stem service. This service will streamline the submission of data to AGRIS by content providers and provides an improved interaction with AGRIS data processing unit. The service will facilitate improved registrations of new content providers and easier submissions of data by all content providers.

Overview of the online service desk

The online service is designed to make it simpler for data providers to interact with AGRIS. The interface provides the visitor with 4 'desks' or categories to choose from when submitting their requests. The four categories are as follows:

  1. View the AGRIS network
  2. Contributing bibliographic information
  3. Using AGRIS bibliographic information
  4. Asking questions

Regarding category 3, “Using AGRIS bibliographic information” will be improved to allow users to create their own websites with their bibliographic collections. This function will be available by the end of May 2015, so we encourage AGRIS content providers to submit their requests so that they will be one of the firsts to get the service!

Future plans

In the near future, an extra service will be launched. The purpose of this extra service will be to allow content providers to track the status and the progress of their submitted requests. The Agro-Know stem service is now available for use and all data providers are urged to use it.