Workshop: Research Data Management & Service: Roles for Libraries & Librarians

A half day workshop on the emerging area:

Research Data Management (RDM) & Service: Roles for Libraries & Librarians

is being organized as part of the International Conference on Changing Landscape of Science & Technology Libraries

Please register for the conference: and avail the benefit of this workshop on RDM without any additional cost.

Date*: 3rd March, 2017 (Friday)
Time*: 2.00 - 6.30 p.m.
Resource Person*: Ms.Louise Corti, Associate Director, UK Data Archive,
University of Essex. UK.

This workshop will cover the following aspects including different tools &
techniques which form an essential part of Data Research Cycle

   - Discovery & Planning for Data Management
   - Collection of data
   - Data processing and analysis
   - Administration- IPR
   - Publishing & sharing
   - Long term management
   - Reusing data
   - Training, literacy & Support service
   - Best practices and examples of libraries who have implemented RDM and related aspects

In addition, successful case studies covering UK Data Archives and a few
other from India will be presented.

Learning outcomes of the workshop:

   - Awareness about current key factors and core issues involved in  offering RDM & related services
   - Identify best practices of libraries around the world in delivering Research Data Service
   - Network with professionals working in similar institutions in addressing RDM
   - Discover ways and means to create new roles for LIS Professionals in the context of RDM

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