AIMS Newsletter No.82, April 2019


State of Land Data & Information in East Africa: Catalyzing East Africa's Land Data Ecosystem

FAO Kenya, Land Portal, Research4Life, GODAN, the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development and the Local Development Research Institute with funding from the European Union and the UKaid have organized a workshop on land data and information ecosystem in Africa.

About the event

The overall goal of the workshop is to uncover the land data & information ecosystem (including gaps in existence, accessibility or abilities to re-use data) in East Africa and contribute to foster a regional policy dialogue on access to data.

The workshop calls all stakeholders to debate on the issues related to land data and seeks to explore barriers against global data revolution.

Global Data Revolution has reached the land sector. Government data portals, open access academic journals, community mapping initiatives and other citizen-generated data - there is a palpable positive drive across the world that allows processes such as data collection to be more inclusive and open.

But within this data momentum, there are still many barriers and questions: Who can access the data, and how? What data is reliable? Who owns the data? What data is up to date? Can I use the data without inflicting harm?

Are you interested to attend? Learn more here


A highlight on the recently held Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) Meeting

During the just ended Research Data Alliance (RDA) 13th Plenary meeting held in Philadelphia, the Interest Group on Agricultural Data held a parallel session entitled, “Agricultural Data Interoperability : Opportunities and Lessons Learnt from Sharing and Re-Using Data”.

This session presented various outputs and contributions from agricultural open data projects and other initiatives consuming and using data to support analysis, modeling or decision support tools. IGAD Philadelphia meeting succeeds the IGAD Meeting held in Gaborone late in 2018 which focused on Data Collection: State of the Art, Challenges and Solutions.

The IGAD Philadelphia was well attended with more than 50 participants who followed the programme which was comprised of a keynote address, panel discussions, presentations and breakout sessions.

Read more information here


AGROVOC April 2019 release is out. With 36,169 concepts!

FAO AGROVOC team takes this opportunity to inform you about the FAO AGROVOC April 2019 release.

As of April 2019, AGROVOC statistics are as follows – 36,196 concepts, 718,413 terms.

In March 2019 AGROVOC had almost 1.8 million hits?  Web services: 38,763 accesses, SKOSMOS 244,735 accesses, AGROVOC URI accesses: 1,495,456.

More information about this release here 

AGROVOC editorial meeting scheduled for Darmstadt, Germany 24-25 June 2019

AGROVOC editorial meeting will be in Darmstadt, Germany 24-25 June 2019.The next AGROVOC editorial meeting will be in Darmstadt, Germany 24-25 June 2019, near Frankfurt am Main. This will be organized by FAO in collaboration with KTBL (Kuratorium für Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft), who will kindly be hosting the meeting.

The objectives of this meeting will be to reinforce the AGROVOC editorial community, to invite institutions to curate new languages and new topics.

The participants will to look at multischeme + multihierarchy thesaurus management and other topics of interest to our community. 

Agenda items include:

  • # Where is the AGROVOC ecosystem today?
  • # How to improve consistency of AGROVOC coverage?
  • # How to enhance accessibility to AGROVOC?
  • # Strengthening AGROVOC through engagement with expert communities

Read about the 2018 AGROVOC editorial meeting here


The total AGRIS records reaches 9,879,030 as of April 2019

The FAO AGRIS team is pleased to inform all AGRIS data providers and users about the AGRIS April 2019 data release. As of April 2019, the number of AGRIS multilingual bibliographic records has reached 9,879,030 records. 

AGRIS is used by students, researchers, lecturers, librarians and other information  professionals, publishers and professional associations, government officials, and is accessed by up to 600,000 users each month.

AGRIS records are (i) fully indexed by Google Scholar, (ii)  indexed (85 % of  AGRIS records) by AGROVOC multilingual Thesaurus, that covers all areas of interest of FAO including food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment etc.

Read more about the April data release here

How to submit data to AGRIS, Instructions to data providers

AGRIS, as a service provider,seeks to make contributed collection of research and technical information visible worldwide.The first step to become an AGRIS data provider is to check your eligibility.

AGRIS does not accept individual author contributions.You can contribute to AGRIS as an institutional repository, journal publisher or as an aggregator.

An institutional repository is a collection of bibliographic metadata created within a university or a research institution while an aggregator may gather metadata collections from many different institutional repositories.

Learn more how your institution can qualify here

GODAN Action News

GODAN advances Open Data Management in Agriculture, Nutrition and Land

GODAN Action is a three-year project, supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). It aims to enable data users, producers and intermediaries to engage effectively with open data in the agriculture and nutrition sectors.

In particular it works to strengthen capacity, to promote common standards and best practice and to improve impact measures.

The project focuses on three thematic topics including weather and climate data, nutrition and land data.

GODAN  Action is led by Wageningen Environmental Research together with international partners including AgroKnow, AidData, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the Land Portal, the Open Data Institute (ODI) and the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

Read more about recent GODAN Action activities here

News highlight from the AIMS Community

The Land Portal publishes the State of Land and Information Report

The Land Portal launched the State of Land Information Report, which identifies the many sources of land data and information on a country-level and provides the general public with an easy overview.

The State of Land Information Report seeks to provide an overview of existing data and information on key land issues. The availability of accurate and up to date data and information on land and different land uses, such as agriculture, forestry, mining, wildlife, water, housing and infrastructure is essential for land governance and planning land use.

Therefore, the aim of the research is to uncover the many different sources of land data and information at the country-level and help to identify actual data and information gaps, with a view to establishing a baseline for targeted ‘information-based’ interventions to improve the information ecosystem.

Read more information here

The Global Alliance of Open Access to Scholarly Communication Platform (CGOALL) launched

A platform called the ‘Global Alliance of Open Access to Scholarly Communications Platform’ (CGOALL) was launched at the just ended WSIS Forum 2019 held in Geneva on the 8th of April 2019. The platform was launched by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and partners and is meant to democratize scientific knowledge following a multicultural, multi-thematic and multi-lingual approach. 

Read more information here.

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