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AgriOcean DSpace

AgriOcean DSpace (AOD) is a joint initiative of the United Nations agencies of FAO and UNESCO-IOC/IODE to provide a customized version of DSpace 1.7.1 (JSPUI version), an open source, digital repository software. 

Its main objective is to make scientific literature in the field of oceanography, agriculture and related sciences available in digital form. AgriOcean DSpace is set-up for the digital repository communities of AGRIS (FAO) and Odin (UNESCO-IOC), but can be downloaded and used by any research institution interested.

To explore the AOD functionalities, take a look at the demo installation:

login: agri@ocean
password: agri2012

Monthly Spotlight

New Webinar@AIMS: “Islandora: Managing digital assets with a best-practices framework"

The AIMS team is pleased to announce the webinar “New Webinar@AIMS: "Managing digital assets with a best-practices framework”.
The webinar will be presented on the 10th of April 2014 - 16:00 Rome Time by Melissa Anez, Project & Community Manager of the Islandora Foundation
The objective of this webinar is to provide an overview of Islandora and its solution packs for the management of digital assets.The webinar will present the concept of Islandora, example solutions packs for digital assets, activities, the benefits of being part of the Islandora community and achievements of Islandora.

Please note that places are limited, so if you are interested send us a mail at AIMS@fao.org

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Group of Interest

The AgriOcean Dspace group of interest set-up for all institutions that would like to install AgriOcean DSpace or are interested in the repository software and want to post comments or simply have access to the ongoing forum discussions. 

Through the AgriOcean Dspace group of interest (accessible after registering on AIMS) the AgriOcean DSpace team will:

  • provide assistance with installing and using AgriOcean DSpace;
  • communicate new developments and solved bugs.