Property Value
rdf:type skos:Concept
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skos:altLabel eskiden kalma teknoloji
technologie našich předků
ancient technology
Tecnologia antica
prastaré technologie
skos:editorialNote FAO's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean: "Traditional technology and ancestral technology are not the same, especially in LAC where still prevails an important indigenous component. Many of the practices we call "ancestrales" were developed by original indigenous population, and then were lost or modified with the arrival of Spanish/Portuguese/European farmers, who modified the original crops and agronomic practices. For example, terraces in Altiplano are an ancestral/ancient practice, and not necessarily a traditional technology. In Latin America and Caribbean we need both terms: traditional practices and ancestral/ancient practices."
skos:prefLabel prácticas ancestrales
Tecnologia ancestrale
ancestral technology
původní technologie
успадковані технології
atadan kalma teknoloji