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skos:scopeNote Name changed from Venezuela to Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in accordance with 1999 constitutional mandate. Short form: Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Cambiamento del nome Venezuela in Repubblica Bolivariana del Venezuela, conformemente alla costituzione del 1999. Forma abbreviata: Venezuela (Repubblica Bolivariana del)
Cambio de nombre de República Bolivariana de Venezuela a Venezuela, de acuerdo con el mandato constitucional de 1999. Forma corta: Venezuela (República Bolivariana de)
1999-ben Venezuela név változtatással Venezuelai Bolivári Köztársaság lett. Rövid elnevezése: Venezuela
1999 anayasasıyla Venezuela Bolivar Cumhuriyeti adını almıştır. Kısa biçimi: Venezuela (Bolivar Cumhuriyeti)
Changement de nom du "Venezuela" en "République Bolivarienne du Venezuela", conformément à la constitution de 1999. Forme abrégée: Venezuela (République bolivarienne du)
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skos:editorialNote Source: Tesauro UNBIS 2004
Source: UNBIS Thesaurus 2004
Fonte Thesaurus UNBIS 2004
UNBIS Thesaurus 2004
Source: Thésaurus UNBIS 2004
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