AIMS free webinars are open for all interested parties and are focused on a variety of information/data/knowledge management topics, including but not limited to: open access - open data - research data management - Knowledge Information Systems (KOS) - data curation - metadata - linked (open) data - big data - open tools and standards supporting stewardship of information and data in agricultural and other domains. You can also send us (at: aims@fao.org) your suggestions for topics you want to learn (more) about.


AIMS community endeavours to publish and document the work done in the context of standards, technology and good practices enhanced by open science principles in the agricultural domain.  The publications include conference papers, journal papers, book chapters, technical reports, manuals and are deposited into two repositories – FAO Document Archive and E-LIS (E-prints in Library and Information Science).

NOTE: you can find AIMS webinars and publications from the search menu on the AIMS main page.

Online Courses

AIMS can provide expertise in all areas of (agricultural) information management. Since 2017, AIMS-FAO Community has been working on providing a series of free online courses (for all interested parties) aligned with a central theme ‘Access to Scientific Information Resources in Agriculture’ (ASIRA). Priority is given to anyone from Research4Life eligible countries (Group A and Group B respectively). Moreover, since 2015 (San Diego RDA Meeting 2015), AIMS has annually delivered Spanish Training Courses under the title: ‘Introduction to Research Data Management’. Best practices related to the course thematic have been carefully screened and discussed, such as, for example:
i-Marine, Dataverse, Figshare, EUDAT, the Agricultural Data Interest Group (IGAD) of the Research Data Alliance (RDA), CIMMYT, Global Bioversity Information Facility.

Conferences & Workshops

Since 2011, together with a number  stakeholders, AIMS has annually organized the international Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTRS) seriesFrom 2001 to 2012, AIMS organized a series of Agricultural Ontology Service (AOS) workshops, with a goal of gathering researchers and practitioners in the Semantic Web and information management in agriculture. 

All AIMS activities aim to contribute to meet a number of challenges of the 21st century defined in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).