27 September : Free Webinar : Connecting Research Tools to the OSF

This webinar - - that will be provided by FOSTER (FACILITATE OPEN SCIENCE TRAINING FOR EUROPEAN RESEARCH) - - will show you how to connect other services as add-ons to projects on the Open Science Framework (OSF).

Connecting services to your OSF projects via add-ons enables you to pull together the different parts of your research efforts without having to switch away from tools and workflows you wish to continue using. 

DATE / TIME : September 27, 2017, 2:00 PM in Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)


“Wouldn’t it be great if solutions for our most pressing challenges could be found faster and cheaper? They can”, - Center for Open Science (COS)

The Open Science Framework (OSF):

  • is the flagship product of the COS, a non-profit technology start-up dedicated to improving the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices.; 
  • is a free, open source web application built to help researchers manage their workflows; 
  • is part collaboration tool, part version control software, and part data archive;
  • connects to popular tools researchers already use, like Dropbox, Box, Github and Mendeley, to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

Learn more at COS.IO and OSF.IO, or email [email protected].

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This webinar:

  • introduces how to use the Open Science Framework (OSF) - a free, open source web application built to help researchers manage their workflows;
  • shows helpful tips and tricks, and
  • gives you a launching pad for managing your first OSF project !


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