28 September: Free Webinar : Structured Docs + Taxonomy: Finding New Answers in Your Content

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About this webinar

We think of content as documents: articles, books, presentations, videos. However, readers focus not on the documents but on the answers that they may contain ...

- the answers to questions such as "What is this for," "How do I," "Why should I," and even "What is all the information on this particular subject."

The tools of structured content let us sequence, chunk, and reuse information in a customer-friendly way. Yet, often a single chunk of information is not the whole answer — that answer lies in the meaningful connections between various pieces of content.

Join for this free webinar : 

  • Scott Abel  - Lead Consultant at Mekon Ltd. helping clients from healthcare to software realize the full potential of structured content and innovative information delivery with taxonomy.
  • Joe Pairman of Mekon, and Andreas Blumauer, managing partner of the Semantic Web Company. Andreas Blumauer is experienced with large-scale semantic technology projects in various industry sectors.

The presenters will guide you on a journey that will show you how taxonomy helps us build meaningful connections so that readers can understand the big picture. They will talk about doing a better job of surfacing information for search engines—from Google to our own intranets. Ultimately, when granular chunks of content are networked with taxonomy tags as a knowledge graph, the system can answer questions that no-one has imagined yet — the myriad of messy, complex queries that arise in real-life knowledge-seeking.

Key takeaways:

Benefits and principles of granular structured content, and how to prepare your own content for this new architecture.
Best practices for linking structured content to standards-based taxonomies and pitfalls to avoid
• The underlying semantic architecture to build a truly mature and scalable approach to linking content and data

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