The Land Portal Foundation : Call for Board Members

The Land Portal was set up in 2009 as a partnership project dedicated to supporting the efforts of the rural poor to gain equitable access to land by addressing a fragmentation of information resources on land, which makes it difficult and often prohibitively expensive to draw together reliable evidence in support of programs, advocacy campaigns or policy formulation, especially for grassroots organisations.

In 2014, the Land Portal became an independent foundation based in the Netherlands, with a Board of Directors and a distributed Team. The work of the Land Portal Foundation is based on its vision, values and theory of change.

The Land Portal works to create a better information ecosystem for land governance, working through a core platform and wide-ranging partnerships, and based on an open development approach.
The Land Portal works with cutting-age LINKED OPEN DATA technologies, providing services and support that improve data access, and that build a more inclusive information landscape.

The Land Portal is looking to complement its current board with three additional members. We are looking for expressions of interest from committed and motivated individuals with experience and interest in land issues, open data and open knowledge, ICT for Development. Those with a diverse background, expertise and a disposition towards innovation and social change are encouraged to apply.

Board members are responsible for supporting the ongoing development and innovation of the Land Portal, as well as to network and promote the Land Portal within existing land, open knowledge and grassroots ICTD communities, and also to link the Land Portal with potential donors and to build the long-term financial sustainability of the Foundation.

The Board will have the task of:

  • Assuming collective responsibility for financial and legal probity of the Foundation.
  • Attending board meetings either via phone or in person.
  • Reviewing all relevant materials.
  • Reading the board email list (generally low-traffic and limited to matters requiring board specific attention) and responding where specific expertise is needed.
  • Participating in email list votes from time to time.
  • Shaping and overseeing the strategy and operation of the Foundation.
  • Establishing  the Land Portal’s strategy and activity plans and monitoring their implementation.
  • Supporting the Coordinator, overseeing and assessing his/her performance;
  • Mobilizing funding and promoting the Land Portal with donors, governments, etc.
  • Guaranteeing the quality control of the Land Portal and assess its performance.
  • Making a general commitment to promoting the organization and its goals.
  • Dealing with any other matters which may come up.

Members of the Board will receive no remuneration for their work. However, they do have a right to request for reimbursement of expenses incurred during duties performed as Board Members, as approved by the Board.

Interested parties should submit a brief proposal that addresses their contribution and added value they could bring to the Land Portal Foundation, supplemented by a short biography (150 words) and a complete and updated CV.

Proposals should be sent to Land Portal Coordinator, Laura Meggiolaro: [email protected] with copy to Leon Verstappen at [email protected]  by December 20th, 2016.

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