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I received this announcement from the Biodiversity-community-list. 

The Open Data Survey targets researchers of various science communities, interested laypersons, government employees, and others who are providing and/or using open data in the scope of global environmental change, or are planning/interested in doing so in the future. This survey is being developed and distributed by the Belmont Forum E-Inf. & DM CRA WP5 (Further information available at the end of this e-mail).

We are interested to learn more about:

-              Key open data activities in various communities with global environmental change to identify leading examples of best practice from a user perspective;

-              Reasons where users’ desire to share can be enhanced by new/other developments;

-              Barriers to “open data sharing” from a user perspective (as a data provider or data user).

Please click on the following link to participate;

Open Data Survey:

Based on the results from the survey we aim to produce recommendations for research funders on how to support global e-infrastructures using a coordinated and sustainable approach – from the planning phase, implementation, and management of data, analytics and through international collaboration.

Thank You for your contribution.

About the Belmont Forum

The Belmont Forum is a group of high-level representatives from major funding agencies across the globe, coordinating funding for collaborative research actions to address the challenges and opportunities of global environmental change. To collaboratively develop capable e-infrastructures to meet the Belmont Challenge, a multi-phased E-Infrastructure and Data Management Collaborative Research Action (E-Inf. & DM CRA) has been initiated. This will provide a Community Strategy and Implementation Plan to identify strategic science policies, outlining what can be done better, in a multilateral way, to support global change research.

Belmont Forum website:

Belmont Forum E-Inf. & DM CRA website:


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