2016 LITA Forum

A 3-day technology-focused Conference for everyone who cares about Libraries, Archives, and other Information Services.

LITA -  Library and Information Technology Association - is the leading organization reaching out across types of libraries to provide education and services for a broad membership. The membership includes new professionals, web services librarians, systems librarians, digital initiatives librarians, library administrators, library schools, vendors and anyone else interested in leading edge technology and applications for librarians and information providers.

Keynote Speakers:

Cecily Walker, Vancouver Public Library

It was her frustration with the way that software was designed to meet the needs of highly technical users rather than the general public that led her to user experience, but it was her love of information, intellectual freedom, and commitment to social justice that led her back to librarianship.

Waldo Jaquith, U.S. Open Data

The director of U.S. Open Data, an organization that works with government and the private sector to advance the cause of open data

Tara Robertson, @tararobertson

“I like figuring out how things work, why they break, and how to make them work better. I’m passionate about universal design, accessibility, open source software, intellectual freedom, feminism and Fluevog shoes.”

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