International Conference of Information Science 2015 (ICIS 2015)

The Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is pleased to announce the hosting of the 1st International Conference on Information Science (ICIS). The conference will be held at the Faculty of Information Management, UiTM Puncak Perdana Campus, Shah Alam, Selangor, between the 7th – 8th December 2015.

Faculty of Information Management is committed to be a world class centre of excellence for education and research in the area of information science (particularly on library management, information and knowledge management, and records and archives management). This faculty commences with a humble start as one of the academic programme under the School of Administration and Law, MARA Institute of Technology in 1968. This programme prepared Bumiputera students to sit for the Associate of the Library Association (A.L.A) examination which was conducted by the ‘External Professional Examination of the Library Association’ (UK). With the rapid intellectual and technological growth as well as lifelong learning among the members of society, this faculty has paved the way for the library and information professions to grow new knowledge and practice by introducing the very close cousins of Library Science, namely “Information Science” and “Records Management” into the academic programme.

Today, the Faculty of Information Management continues her contributions to the future growth of the professions for the ultimate vision of Malaysia as a developed nation. As education provider, this faculty is dedicated to strengthen the program and to synergize the information professions towards transformation in order to meet the current challenges as well as consulted as a leading faculty in this field.

With these aims in mind, the International Conference of Information Science (ICIS) 2015’s theme is “SYNERGIZING INFORMATION TOWARDS TRANSFORMATION”. The conference will be held in our campus at the Puncak Perdana Campus, Shah Alam, Selangor. The conference will be organized in cooperation with Tun Abdul Razak Library, the National Library Malaysia and the University of Malaya. ICIS 2015 welcomes any innovative ideas in order to support and synergize the development and growth of a competitive library and information professions.


Objectives of ICIS 2015

  • To promote innovation and new discoveries in the Information Science field in facing the challenges of globalization and technology advancement.
  • To provide opportunities for sharing latest knowledge and research findings related to the field of Information Science.
  • To expose participants to the current trends, directions, issues and challenges related to Information Science.
  • To share best practices and approaches for managing information in the new millennium economy.
  • To foster networking, cooperation, collaboration and international linkages among information professionals from a wide range of Information Science fields.

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