RDA National Event in Italy: FAIR data management

RDA, the Research Data Alliance, in collaboration with the universities of Turin, Milan, Bologna , Trento and Parma and supported by CNR, AISA, APRE and OpenAIRE organizes a two-day workshop about sharing, reuse, and reproducibility of research data on few selected scientific fields - and related research infrastructures - of strategic relevance in Europe.

Two day-workshop with national (Italian) and international speakers. Ample space will be dedicated to panel discussions and active participation from the audience. The workshop will be held in English and Italian.


Workshop overview and objectives

According to the Guiding Principles for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable Data – so called FAIR principles – launched by the Data FAIRport initiative and recently adopted by the European Commission Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020 the aim of this workshop is to bring new lymph to the political, legal, technical and technological debate around re-use and reproducibility of research data, namely in Italy.

RDA relevance & expected outcomes

Among the solutions for implementing FAIR data management a key role will be covered by those developed by RDA Working and Interest Groups dealing with data reproducibility, metadata standards, data foundation and implementation of DMP in real scientific scenarios. In particular, the activities performed and the results achieved so far by the following WGs and IGs will be presented, thanks to the active participation of their representatives:

  • Data Citation WG
  • Metadata Standards Directory WG
  • Education and Training on handling of research data IG
  • Reproducibility IG
  • Structural Biology IG
  • Libraries for Research Data IG

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