Call for Papers Agricultural Libraries Special Interest Group, IFLA 2014

Papers are invited to be presented at the 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, Lyon, France in August 2014 on the theme Role of Information Literacy in Agricultural Productivity and Food security: An International Perspective.


Information is a productive resource like land, labor, and capital. Agriculture includes a variety of operations, variety of resources. It is concerned with diverse user community that involves decision-makers, policy makers, planners, researchers, teachers, students, program managers, field workers, farmers, ranchers, business community, and others. All of them need different kind of information for a variety of purposes. The agricultural information transfer system consists of four independent, interrelated components; generation, organization, dissemination and utilization of information. Imparting information literacy to various groups involved in each of these components is crucial for productive and sustainable development of agriculture.


  1. Distinctive features of agricultural research and information literacy in the country/region
  2. Agricultural information awareness programs for teaching in the country/region
  3. Distinctive features of extension personnel and the scope of agricultural information literacy programs in the country/region
  4. Agricultural information literacy component in secondary education programs in the region/country
  5. Role of libraries/ information professionals in providing agricultural information literacy in the country/region

Submission Guidelines

Proposal abstract (max 1000 words) must be submitted by February 20, 2014 on any of the topics listed above, with the topic to be discussed clearly identified from the list above. Submission is to include presenter's name, position, institution, and email address.


All proposals must be sent by February 20, 2014 to the Convener Dr. Ajay P Singh with a copy to Dr. Deva E. Reddy.

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