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النوع العنوان المؤلف آخر تحديث
المحتوى Cookbook for translating relational data models to RDF schemas Thembani Malapela إبريل, 02 2014
المحتوى Getty Vocabularies and Linked Open Data Thembani Malapela مارس, 28 2014
Event 6th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development. Caterina Caracciolo مارس, 25 2014
المحتوى TemaTres controlled vocabularies server Adam Sanchez Ayte مارس, 11 2014
المحتوى VocBench goes SPARQL! Armando Stellato يناير, 31 2014
المحتوى Problematic mappings in AGROVOC Linked Open Data Hong Sun نوفمبر, 26 2013
المحتوى VocBench and related services to AGROVOC & AGRIS LOD will be temporarily unavailable Fabrizio Celli نوفمبر, 22 2013
المحتوى Meeting of TaCCIRe and AIMS on the use and integration of controlled vocabularies (AGROVOC) in DSpace Repositories Karna Wegner نوفمبر, 19 2013
المحتوى Use and integration of controlled vocabularies (AGROVOC) in DSpace Repositories Lisbeth Eriksen نوفمبر, 13 2013
المحتوى National Agricultural Library of the USA, CABI and FAO agree on collaboration in the development of their thesauri Johannes Keizer نوفمبر, 01 2013
المحتوى AGROVOC and Arabterm Caterina Caracciolo أكتوبر, 29 2013
المحتوى Some issues with AGROVOC RDF data ? Jamal Rezzouk أكتوبر, 21 2013
المحتوى Core descriptors for in situ conservation of crop wild relatives V.1. Adriana Alercia أكتوبر, 17 2013
المحتوى AGROVOC and AGRIS services available again Fabrizio Celli أكتوبر, 14 2013
المحتوى AGROVOC LOD, AGRIS LOD and OpenAGRIS temporarily unavailable Fabrizio Celli أكتوبر, 09 2013
المحتوى Heritage vocabularies from EH, RCAHMS, RCAHMW available as Linked Open Data Gudrun Johannsen يوليو, 22 2013
المحتوى VocBench sandbox currently unavailable Gudrun Johannsen يوليو, 10 2013
Event DC-2013 Special Session: Long-term Preservation and Governance of RDF Vocabularies Gudrun Johannsen يونيو, 26 2013
المحتوى AGROVOC and TESEO met to discuss VocBench Caterina Caracciolo يونيو, 18 2013
المحتوى Ontology plug-in now available Marc Goovaerts يونيو, 13 2013