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I like the idea of this project a lot. I think it’s very exciting! It’s also VERY challenging.

I have one concern about the objectives on the first page – the main rationale for a pilot is to determine the feasibility of an idea. The objectives don’t make it clear that this will happen. I don’t see how feasibility can be tested without going all the way with at least a couple institutions, i.e. to have several running, accessible archives with resources in them and being updated.

Indeed, to my mind 5 institutions in 12 months is overly ambitious. I would suggest choosing 2 among the most able in the ACP category and try to go as far as possible in a year, focusing quickly on an actual implementation.

All this advice comes from my experiences in CountrySTAT where I can tell you that the actual problems only came out when we got to the implementation phase.

As far as capacity development goes (1c) – this should only happen to the extent necessary to pilot the implementation and understand something about a possible curriculum. No need to go further at this point.

Looking further, the specific activities should be more elaborated in terms of an implementation. I fail to see how any of the activities listed excepting the training do anything to confirm feasibility of a pilot!



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