Information management in agriculture in the Asia Pacific region

In 2011, Information management in agriculture received further support, in the Asia Pacific region, through the conduct of three sub-regional workshops:

  • South Asia (Dhaka, Bangladesh),
  • South East Asia (Bangkok, Thailand), and
  • Pacific Island Countries and Territories (Nadi, Fiji).

Goals of sub-regional workshops

The goals of these workshops/expert consultations were to highlight the importance of making public domain agricultural research information and knowledge truly accessible to all and to share success stories and lessons on the use of ICT-enabled agricultural extension. The workshops linked to the CIARD initiative.

These expert consultation and workshop brought together senior policy makers, research and innovation managers, ICM experts and those involved in agricultural extension from around 30 countries in the region.

Organizers and partners

The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) of FAO organized the workshops together with APAARI and GFAR. Partners were SAARC & BARC in Bangladesh, AIT in Thailand and SPC & ACIAR in the Pacific.

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