[New Publication] FAO launches a project to upgrade its Country Profiles Mapping Information System

In May 2008, FAO approved a project that will provide an upgrade to the FAO Country Profiles Mapping Information System (FCPMIS) launched in 2002. The project aims to enhance users' access to country information on FAO's expertise and increase collaboration among FAO's technical divisions and decentralized offices as well as partners in other organizations. FAO is involved in the development and dissemination of international standards and procedures for agricultural information management. The new version of the FCPMIS will play an important role in facilitating the adoption of international standards for country and regional data within the FAO and with its external partners to enable data sharing and aggregation.This project is already underway and at its first stage will create the framework for identifying and fixing outdated or erroneous information in the FCPMIS, in addition, it will foster participation by encouraging the involvement of stakeholders and informing them of the project's workflow. The planned end date of the project is December 2009. For more information please contact [email protected]

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