Knowledge Technology Week 2012

Knowledge Technology Week 2012 (KTW 2012) is the premier event in Malaysia in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technology. This year it is jointly organized by MIMOS BERHAD and NOTA ASIA from the 3rd to7th September at Kuching (Malaysia).

The following events are co-located during this week:

International Conferences

  1. Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (PRICAI-2012). 5th - 7th September
  2. International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems (PRIMA-2012). 5th - 6th September
  3. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DC-2012). 5th - 7th September

Artificial Intelligence Workshops

  1. The 12th International Workshop on Knowledge Management and Acquisition for Intelligent Systems (PKAW-2012). 5th - 6th September
  2. The Third International Workshop on Empathic Computing (IWEC-2012). 3rd September
  3. International Symposium on Agricultural Ontology Service (AOS-2012). 3rd - 4th September
  4. International Workshop on Collaboration and Intelligence in Blended Learning (CIBL-2012). 3rd - 4th September
  5. The Second International Workshop on Data Oriented Constructive Mining and Multi-Agent Simulation (DOCMAS-2012). 3rd September

Artificial Intelligence Tutorials

  1. Auctions - Theory and Practice (Dongmo Zhang). 3rd September
  2. Kangaroo: A new local search system for constraint problems (M A Hakim Newton and Duc Nghia Pham). 4th September
  3. Practical Non-Monotonic Reasoning (Guido Governatori). 4th September
  4. Metadata and the Semantic Web (Karen Coyle). 3rd September
  5. Application Profile and Ontology Design (Sam Oh). 4th September

Other co-located events include

  1. Artificial Intelligence Special Sessions (AISS-2012).4th September
  2. Artificial Intelligence Software Demonstration (AID-2012). 3rd - 7th September
  3. PhD Symposium (PHDSYMP-2012). 6th September