[New Publication] Results from Experiments in Ontology Learning including Evaluation and Recommendation

This document describes the Ontology Learning experiments performed to recommend a set of ontology learning techniques enhancing the ontology engineering process in the fisheries domain at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Experiments have been conceived in the wider context of the Work Package 7 (WP7) of the NeOn Project. The main contribution of this document to WP7 is a set of best practices exploiting semi-automatic technique to acquire knowledge either from domain specific documents or existing ontologies. The basic criterion for success indication adopted is the reduction of the development time required for the Ontology Engineering process. The document also addresses the following issues: description of the state of the art in ontology learning; set up of an evaluation case study in the fisheries domain; identification of suitable techniques which can be profitably applied to fit the user's requirements; provision of a set of recommendations indicating the most reliable techniques to be included in the ontology engineering lifecycle.

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