New version of the Workbench 0.2 Beta

After releasing version 0.1 in December 2007, the new version of the Workbench 0.2 Beta is now available through: Keeping the initial commitment to support the building of multilingual ontology and terminology systems in the area of agriculture, the following have been included: newly published Concept Server modules for Food, Health, Pest Control, Policies, Rice, and Science, with all multilingual terms; video help manual; RSS feed to get notifications on content changes, and the full FAO classifications (Agris/Caris and the FAO Technical Knowledge Classification scheme). The Workbench is still in testing phase and, although it already contains part of the real Agrovoc data, it can be used only for test modifications which would not reflect in the Agrovoc thesaurus. Users are encouraged to register or log in as guest, to use the application, and provide valuable feedback. Next development steps will be towards addressing performances matters.