Interested to become an AGRIS Data Provider

If you are interested in indexing your data in AGRIS and become a data provider, please fill the details of this form. Your feedback will help us understand your requirements

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Please provide the name of the data provider. That is usually the name of the organization that is responsible for the resources that you would like to submit data about. If for example you would like to submit data about a journal, the data provider would be the organization that is responsible for publishing the journal, not the journal itself.
Acronym of the data provider, if available
A short description of the data provider is needed.
URL of the data provider
Provide the name of a contact person from the data provider organization, if available.
Provide an email contact of the data provider. Along with this registration, the AGRIS Team will add this contact to the AGRIS Network mailing list. In this way, the data provider will be kept informed about AGRIS releases, latest developments and complementary agricultural information services managed by FAO. Please use the notes section below to let us know if you do not want to be part of the AGRIS Network mailing list. You can unsubscribe from the AGRIS Network mailing list at any time without consequences to your AGRIS status.
Street address of the data provider.
AGRIS ODS is an initiative that aims to foster the free exchange of metadata submitted to AGRIS to everyone without any restrictions (Open Access). Learn more about the license agreement behind AGRIS ODS (international Creative Commons Attribution License CC-BY IGO 3.0)
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