AIMS promotes and engages in capacity development activities to build the technical capacity of individuals and national/regional/international institutions to implement Open Access and Open Data projects in the agricultural domain. These activities focus both on the established mainstream of information management and the cutting edge of new developments.

AIMS’s mainstream work addresses fundamental areas like metadata schemas, ontologies and database management systems. Capacity development activities include:

  • Webinars@AIMS – are real-time, online events, with short presentations allowing interaction from participants;
  • Face-to-face training – arranged on request, and in the form of lectures or other organized meetings. AIMS can provide expertise in all areas of agricultural information management;
  • Workshops – such as the Agricultural Ontology Services (AOS) workshops which have brought together over the years researchers and practitioners in the area of semantic-driven information management in agriculture.
  • Conferences - AIMS collaborates with stakeholders worldwide in the organization  of conferences and events related to standards, technology and good practices for open access and open data in agriculture.